Chospa Hotel Leh Ladakh

Under Construction

2017 - Ongoing

Project team
Shubham Sahai, Diksha Hans, Zimik Wungnaoyi
and Chinglemba Chingtham

Structural Consultant
NNC International

Chospa Hotel in Leh is the union of contemporary hospitality with the scenic and material biome of Leh. The architecture mirrors the traditional Ladakhi construction and materiality, rendering an ambience familiar to locals and unique for visitors. It houses its guests in the raw patina, texture and density of earth walls fabricated by the resplendent local craftsmanship. These walls, built from earth blocks produced in-situ, mimic the thickness, buttress-like geometry, hues and tactility of vernacular Ladakhi architecture. Windows are narrow to maximise thermal comfort and the woodwork is reminiscent of traditional iconography and geometry. Together, the earth, stone and wood follow the local piquancy, creating a sanctuary germane to the physical, cultural and historic context.