Sharma House New Delhi

Under Construction


Project team
Shubham Sahai, Sharundeep Periasamy,
Chhavi Gupta and Chinglemba Chingtham

Structural Consultant
NNC International

MEP Consultant


Abode at Surajmal Vihar

Sharma residence is functionally simple, experientially luxurious and visually contemporary and Indian. Sitting on a seven-metre narrow and eighteen-metre deep parcel of land that touches its neighbours, our source of light is the front and the back. The six-storey narrow house is the union of two basic cuboids – living and services. The former is the collection of all living and lodging spaces, and the latter of services, storage and vertical circulation. The vertical centre is main living space accentuated as a double height volume flushed with natural light. All bedrooms serve as retirement spaces and tucked behind, drawing light and ventilation from the rear. Together they form the epitome of modern domestic life wrapped in the bustle of Indian tones, contemporary abstraction of jalli patterns and refined local materiality.