NIAM Manesar

Design Development


Project Team Himanshu Gaurav, Gagandeep Singh,
Chhavi Gupta, Chinglemba Chingtham

Structural consultant
NNC international

MEP consultant
Prifactor Engineers

Yolk, core, pith, nucleus, kernel. This is all about twin talk. The egg cracked open, letting the yolk spill out into a beautiful sunny side up. Or two cotyledons split open and nourish new life. The complex is the conversation between two volumes stretched out from one. At their core germinates a green promenade lying sunny side up! Instead of restricting users to the sterile indoors, we encourage them to come outside and collaborate. Every level opens out in the promenade as balconies stretching out into the void and the humility of white shells keeps visual attention focussed on to the kernel. The primary objective is to create a hybrid work environment – a little indoors, a little outdoors!