Roca Store Noida



Roca is a luxury sanitary ware manufacturer from Spain. Its core ideal is “to be the brand that defines what bathrooms should be like”. Roca invests heavily in excellence in the design of its products in all its lines of business, with special emphasis on orientation towards customers and the goal of improving their comfort and quality of life.

The showroom was envisaged as a no-fuss design with simple elegant lines and minimalist in approach. The colour palette was derived from the Roca brand colours to preserve their global identity. The lighting was designed to focus on the products, to enhance the visibility and value of products. A modular approach to design was adopted to allow for flexibility in display and installation of the products. This modular approach was adopted while designing the peripheral spaces along with a combination of island display in the central space to maximize visibility and create variety. The shop front was designed as a minimalist display for selected wares to pronounce the exclusivity of the brand.