Sunbeam School Multifunctional Hall Varanasi



The brief called for a large multifunctional space for a high school that would function as an assembly hall, a basketball court and a performance hall all under one roof.

Located in a hot and humid climatic zone, bamboo and thatch was the material of choice due to it’s economically and climatically sustainability. The hall is designed as a space that becomes the focus of all activities outside of the classroom; a space where students gather, play and learn.

The bamboo structure is minimal in conception, transforming the hall into a seamless space to let the students wander around freely among the mango trees. A clerestory along the length of the hall allows for air circulation and natural ventilation during the extreme summers. Transparent fiber glass roof-lights are added along the roof to allow natural light. A detailed system of bamboo joints have been developed for easy assembly, scalability and fast deployment at site.