Clouds Villas and Resort Lansdowne



Project team
Gaurav Ganguly, Wungnaoyi Zimik, Chinglemba Chingtham

Living among the clouds

The project developed to be a destination from near Delhi NCR and establish a new hospitality standard in the hill town sited perfectly on top of a hill with beautiful gazing views overlooking west.  The program consists of restaurant, guest rooms, two bedroom villas and three bedroom villas. Parking is set underneath the main ground plaza  to allow an unhindered visual access towards the valley from the main two storeyed building block consisting of reception lobby, restaurant and landscaped open plaza .The guest block set at two levels sited higher up the slope is conceived as a sequence of curvilinear volumes connected along the curved stone clad wall revealing the guest rooms in a dramatic sequence. Each guest room with every bedroom facing the garden overlooking the valley offer completely privacy by the play in levels. Further up, the villas are set strategically determined by the access corridor, terrain and trees.

A dialogue with nature

The place aims to offer the ultimate luxury - living with nature among the clouds for the city dwellers looking to rejuvenate themselves. With well proportioned geometry, sensitive scaling and thoughtful materiality it aims to be in harmony and bring its guests in one with the environment. Exposed locally sourced stone as retaining wall, wooden flooring, exposed concrete and landscape roofs engage with the surrounding seamlessly.