Yeti The Himalayan Kitchen Hauz Khas, New Delhi



Realizing the absence of quality choices for Tibetan and North-Eastern cuisine in South Delhi, the clients wanted to celebrate their love for food by opening a speciality food destination.

Market research was carried out to identify the customer profile and means to attract the clientele, making it a universally acceptable place for anyone with the love for food. The site is located in one of the most popular urban villages of Delhi. The restaurant provides an exceptional vantage point to the Haus Khas monument and the deer park. The inherent space constraints but presented an exciting scope for the development of a restaurant and bar. In keeping with the cuisine, the space is envisaged as a warm, welcoming setting; complementing the Himalayan food. Natural textures of mud and bricks wrap around the entire space that is strategically interspersed with paintings, masks and lanterns representative of the locale. A mandala jaali partition screens the washrooms from the restaurant. Furniture design was kept minimal- natural wood in a rustic finish complementing the stone textured flooring. A varied combination of seating arrangements caters to both the young crowd as well as the
seasoned connoisseur.